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Hello, I'm Shanica LaShay

your Creative Director and Visionary over each project. For over 20 years I have worked with non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses with their marketing and branding. My superpower is being able to see your vision and translate it into your business marketing and advertising goals, by bringing it to life through media communications.



Bella Creative Media Group LLC provides branding and marketing services to help bring clients' professional visions to life. They bring brands to life through compelling visuals, content and experiences. Bella Creative Media Group aims to create authentic, memorable brands that emotionally resonate with target audiences.  The company was founded by Shanica LaShay, an experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years in business and ministry marketing. Shanica originally launched her graphic design firm MediaBurst Marketing & Designs in 1999. After two decades of honing her skills and expanding her services, she decided to rebrand to Bella Creative Media Group in 2020. While the core focus on creative services remains focused on graphic design, marketing and branding, the new branding reflects the comprehensive solutions and expertise that better captures the breadth of creative services offered, from graphic and packaging design, web development, illustration, to brand strategy consulting and coaching.


At the heart of Bella Creative Media Group is Bella Creative Consulting, a consulting firm that focuses on brand clarity, coaching and development. Shanica works closely with clients to understand their brand promise, voice, personality and ideals. Bella Creative Consulting helps clients articulate their brand story and messaging. 

Through her Signature Branding Program, branding services include brand strategy, brand guidelines, stylescapes, brand books and more.


Shanica LaShay is the Founder and Creative Director of Bella Creative Media Group. With over 20 years of experience in business and ministry marketing, Shanica LaShay is a seasoned entrepreneur. After launching New Dimensional Designs in 1999 and perfecting her craft while working on a few projects including her own musical debut as a singer/songwriter, she founded MediaBurst Marketing & Designs in 2009 as a graphic design company in response to rapidly growing requests from churches and ministries. Shanica then rebranded to Bella Creative Consulting in 2020 to expand her service offerings beyond graphic design. She is also a self-publised author and the Founder/Publisher of Life in the Overflow Magazine launched in 2010. Shanica LaShay holds a degree in Business Administration and has completed certifications related to her work. This includes a certificate from Cornell University in Women's Entrepreneurship and a certificate as a Life Coach. She a cohort  in the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Circles program. Throughout her career, she has been driven by a mission to provide clients in the spirit of excellence, bringing their professional brands and dreams to life.

She is also a licensed real estate agent in Tennessee, the mother of 3 and the grandmother of one beautiful grand daughter.

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